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Fastlane Apps Launches a Free App that Ramps Inspiration Levels to New Heights

(CORRALES, New Mexico USA), November 9, 2012 – Inspiration, education and motivation are now just a swipe away, thanks to It’s Genius Inspirational Quotes (Itsgeniusinspirationalquotes.com), a free new app launched today by Fastlane Apps. The powerful and invigorating app helps users stay positive, focused and progressive with fantastic inspirational quotes. Determined, success-minded people will delight [...]

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Fastlane Apps – Fueling Up


Parrot Trainer Pro Now Available on the App Store Free!

Fastlane Apps Launches a Free App with a Library of Funny, Functional and Outrageous Phrases and Tricks for Parrots and Birds (CORRALES, New Mexico USA), October 9, 2012 – Training a parrot just got easier, thanks to Parrot Trainer Pro (Parrottrainerpro.com), a free new app launched today by Fastlane Apps. The fun and easy app [...]

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It’s Genius! Inspirational Quotes – Coming Soon!

Newly Launched! Available on the Apple App Store.. Get Ready To Be Inspired! CLICK HERE and Get It Instantly!


You Snooze You Lose With In-App Purchases

NewsFlash: In-App Purchases Are Forcing Millions Into App Developers Bank Accounts Daily. Here is our top performing app in-app purchase. You Snooze You Lose!